Hillcrest Farm is a grass-based family farm that in many ways got its direction from my father and his battle with cancer.  You see, he spent his life living like most people you know that think little about their lifestyle and its impact on their health.  You likely know many of these people who have blind faith in the goodness of foods purchased from the local grocery store.

My father spent many decades working, waiting for the time he could spend enjoying the rest of his life.  A short time after his retirement, he found that he had cancer – both lung and pancreatic.  Normally a cancer case of this magnitude would mean a short life expectancy.  But my father battled for life like I had never seen.  One of his great learnings was how important food was to his healing process.  Dad lived for several years after retirement and in some ways it was the most dynamic and productive time of his life.  I not only learned from him the importance of food but also not to wait.  If there is something that you are called to, if there is something that you always wanted to do – don’t wait to make a move.

The other thing my father found was a faith in God that he would have never considered in the past.  This brought great healing for him spiritually and also in his relationships – bridges were mended.  Though my father is not with us anymore, his final years are still paying dividends.

This launched my family on a quest to learn as much as we can about healthy food.  What we have learned and continue to learn about our food production systems is both disturbing and discouraging.  We came to the conclusion that we would turn our love of the country into producing food that is good medicine.

Our farm system continues to develop, but our main focus is to produce food that is: “Good for the Land, Good for Animals and Good for You.”



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  1. Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t know! We’re just beginning our journey to wellness through good food and have a lot to learn! Thanks for what you do!

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