We are a small, family run, farm; located in the Finger Lakes area of NY. We started as a hobby farm in the North Country of NY, with just two grade cows. Within a couple of years we bought our first Devon cow, calf pair. When we moved a couple of years later, to where we are now, we expanded into chickens (broilers and layers), bought our first herding dog, expanded the garden, and started selling food! We believe in making the food you eat, the best for you that we can. This is beyond organic, this is food that nourishes. We use a products called Azomite and Sea Kelp that we feed to our animals and plants to fill them with minerals and nutrients. We do not use GMO -anything! We use heirloom plants in the garden, and feed organic feed to our chickens. We do not spray chemicals or pesticides. We do spray fish oil, as a natural fertilizer. (Sounds weird but the plants LOVE it.)


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